"My imagination needed wider spaces, my attention was directed towards other goals, my taste sought new pleasures.... Every year I hurried to a mountain range, climbed its peaks to feel those profound impressions that come from contemplating the vast horizon. Up there, I thought about the origins of the globe, the upheavals it has undergone, the processes that have changed its forms and brought about its present state.... As I gradually climbed higher and gave my thoughts more and more space, my view of the world also strengthened: my horizon encountered fewer and fewer limits."

Déodat de Dolomieu

Our team of nine has specialised in the quarrying, processing and distribution of South Tyrolean natural stones. At the moment you can choose from over 35 local stone varieties. In addition, we are constantly on the lookout for new materials. We are fascinated by erratic blocks that come to light during excavations or are discovered in the riverbed. We quarry them on site, refine them and use them for special projects. In the process, we discover again and again the uniqueness and diversity of the geological composition of our landscape and remain amazed at the beauty of the stones with their unexpected play of colours and their varied structures. We accompany this unique natural product from the quarry or the site of discovery to the destination of your choice, thereby guaranteeing the highest quality, transparency and durability. You are welcome to experience this process with us. In addition to the natural stones Passeirer Gneis Granat and Mölten Sandstone, which we extract from our quarries, we also process all other materials from the approximately 15 active quarries in South Tyrol.

Here are our core competencies in detail:

Quarrying, processing and sale of South Tyrolean natural stones



As a stonemasonry company we design, manufacture and install for -

We advise architects and designers on the selection of stone for the development of projects and carry out projects from the extraction of the material to the processing and installation. Our expertise ranges from floors or kitchen tops in private homes to buffet tops, bathroom fittings, entrance areas and wellness areas in the hotel industry.


We manufacture and deliver to: